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Hand Picked Award Winning Books you know your child will love!
"We absolutely love getting our book club package every month!! Every single book we have received has been so cool and exciting to explore and all are about things my son Levi is interested in! It’s been a really fun tradition for us!"
Eatonton, Georgia
Sarah Pickett
"I like knowing that the books are either from my wish list or hand selected based on my son’s interests. My son sees packages come in all the time and I love being to say “Yes, that is for you” and have get him excited to see what’s new this month. It’s a great investment!"
Bakersfield, California
Deena Letlow
"We are loving our book boxes. Each time the package arrives my 3 year old eagerly helps open the box and actually sits and looks at them by himself for over 30 minutes (which almost never happens). I have also loved the assortment that has arrived, well worth the cost of the box."
Helena, Montana
Amanda Hamell
"My kids love the book club so much that every day they run to the mailbox looking for that package! I love unplugging for the next hour to read and relax together! Thank you for serving us this way and making it such a fun experience!"
FUQUAY VARINA, North Carolina
Tamara Wilkins
"I would highly recommend the book club for your kids! If they are like mine they love getting mail! They are great at picking out books according to your child's interest. My 5 kids absolutely love their book box each month!"
Cuba City, Wisconsin
Jeni Groom
"We love books and love being in the book club! I love getting new books to entertain my littles with and they look forward to seeing what they got! These books have fostered a love of reading with both of my little girls and I love that their go to “toys” are books 💗"
Caldwell, Idaho
Carissa Mason
"Our last book box of the summer! I am SO glad Janine opened her book club back up. It is THE BEST! Never have we been disappointed with what we have received, and if we ever were -free returns- HOLLER! I would seriously encourage you to look into it if you haven't already, and sign up! It is 100% worth the cost- and by putting books on your wishlist you are essentially choosing what you get. Truely a game changer!"
Caldwell, Idaho
Savannah Lynn
Reading is the easiest and most effective way 
to ensure educational success for your child!

- Children's books expose your children to 50% more words than TV shows
- Kids who read 20 minutes each day score in the 90th percentile
- Reading for just 6 minutes reduces stress by 68%
- Readers are more likely to volunteer and donate
- Read more, read better!

Hand picked books your children will love Guaranteed!
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Inspire a love of reading with this exclusive club! You’ll get 3 award winning books delivered to your door each month at an amazing price!
Perfect for busy moms, homeschoolers, parents of preschoolers, or parents of reluctant readers! Join our book club and make reading exciting again!
With our book club, it’s easy to making reading a priority in your home and get your kids excited about it too! We can’t wait to see you in the club!
What you get when you join the club!
FREE for New Members!
– 3 books each month.
– Shipping and tax included in the price!
– Books from a wish list YOU choose!
– First package arrives at the end of the month.
- Free Cinch Bag for New Members!
- Cancel Anytime!
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